Start shopping at least 8 months before your wedding

It typically takes about 6 months for your dress to come in and then about 2 months for alterations.

Do not wear makeup on your neck and chest

The last thing you want is to stain a dress and have to pay for it!

Bring a few different types of undergarments

there's no way to know for sure what your neckline will end up looking like, so bring a few different options to get a true sense of what the dress will look like on your wedding day.

Don't get hung up on the size

Wedding dresses run small, so just focus on finding something you feel beautiful in!

Bring as few people as possible

The more opinions you have, the harder it will be to actually pick a dress. Only bring people whose opinions truly matter to you.

Bring a hair tie

If you haven’t decided how you want to wear your hair, a hair tie is important so you can better visualize how you could look on your wedding day.

Take pictures

After a few dresses they all start to look the same and taking pictures helps clear the mental fog!