Even the most intimate events can cost you tons of money, so I put together as list that could

possibly save you THOUSANDS of dollars on your own wedding!

Have a "stock the bar" party

What is a "stock the bar" party?

A "stock the bar" party is a pre-wedding party similar to a bridal shower except you ask your guests to bring booze instead of household items for you and your honey. The bottles they bring you will be stored until your wedding day to be used in the bar!

This is a perfect alternative for those of you who have already established a home together and no longer need traditional wedding gifts, just keep in mind that you will most likely need to hire a bartender that allows you to provide your own alcohol.

This could potentially save you hundreds of dollars with the added bonus of everyone having their preferred drink available at the bar!

Book an all inclusive venue

This one gets overlooked A LOT and there are a few reasons for that.


  1. Not all 'all inclusive venues" are actually cheaper.
  2. They can be very picky about which outside vendors they allow on their property.
  3. The price tag can be very intimidating.


  1. Get estimates from other vendors that provide the services offered by the venue and then compare the prices to determine if it is actually worth it.
  2. Ask for their provided vendor list (with a portfolio if they provide photography) as well as their approved vendor list to see if their options align with your vision for your wedding day
  3. It is not out of the ordinary to see prices of $10,000 and up for an all inclusive venue, but you have to remember that almost everything is covers in this cost - therefore - saving you money in the long run.

Rent your wedding dress

If you know that you don't plan on keeping your dress after the wedding, I am practically begging you to rent your dress. Not only are most dress rentals drop dead gorgeous, but they are a fraction of the price of a brand new one.

Where do I find dresses to rent?

This depends on your geographical location, but the most reliable way I have found to find dress rentals is by searching "dress rental" on Instagram. There are tons of vendors to choose from with many different designs.

Get your cake from Sam's Club

I know what you're thinking "Sam's Club? You can't be serious!" but I am very serious! All you have to do is order a plain white 3 tire cake and add your own flowers and topper to achieve a beautiful cake for less than $100

Bonus tip

If you need more cake than what the Sam's Club one provides, get a sheet cake and keep it in the back!

Pick flowers that are in season

No matter what, flowers are going to be expensive, but you can bring your costs down by going with flowers that are in season. Picking in season flowers doesn't have to change the overall aesthetic you've come up with for your wedding, just ask your florist what flowers they recommend to achieve the look you're going for, they should have tons of suggestions!

Repurpose your ceremony chairs

Chairs are the budget breaker no one thinks about until you are presented with your options (especially if you had your heart set on the pretty ones)

How to do it

  1. Have your planner and their team move them to your reception while your guests are at cocktail hour.
  2. Have your guests bring their chair with them to the reception.

Have a shorter cocktail hour

A longer cocktail hour means that you will need to provide more food and drinks for your guests while they mingle. To cut down on time, do most of your photos before your ceremony (This could also save you money with your photographer)

Skip the favors

Most guests won't even know they're missing. I have worked numerous weddings where the vast majority of favors are left behind at the end of the night and have to be thrown away.

Keep your invitations simple

Invitations are another one of those sneaky expenses, but going the simple route of designing them with a Canva template and printing at Walmart can save you LOTS of money. And you can still have that beautiful detail shot with your fully decked out invite suite by purchasing a personal set for just yourself or a select few family members or friends to have as a keepsake.

Embrace the power of simple elegance

You do not need a 10,000 floral installment and fine china rentals to have a beautiful wedding. Sticking to neutral colors with greenery and playing into your venue's natural beauty will save you more money than anything else I have mentioned in this list.